Rachael's latest book reveals the links between craft and calm.

Everyone can pick up a pair of needles and a ball of yarn. And everyone can be mindful.

The Mindfulness in Knitting casts fresh light on this famously calming craft, and reveals how the simple repetition of plain and purl can in itself nurture wellbeing.

Explore the joys of making and look at the benefits of taking up one of the simplest and most useful of crafts.

The book offers fresh, mindful exercises that help you to ground, relax and de-stress as you work.

Rachael shares her insights into achieving calm through knitting.

Published 6th October 2016 by Ivy Press

2nd Edition January 2017

This concise, elegantly written and thoughtful book explains why knitting, this ancient craft, is in the fabric of my DNA and it gives meaning to my pastime as something so much more than passing time.
— Vee Sey, Psychologies magazine

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