Talented people and pants.

20141016_123107 Here are my brave knit students at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. Well actually that is only a quarter of them, I had four groups of these lovely kooks over last term.  They crammed the whole concept of hand knitting into one term with no windows or coffee breaks. We had a really good time.


Carol, who also teaches on the knit course, held an auction to raise money for a hospice.  I donated these pants from my book Knitorama, and they raised over £100.  Suprisingly they were bought by the staff to use as a teaching aid.

When I was younger I used to moan about education.  We used to say it was all pants.  Well it is, only that now pants are really great.  If you got the right pants on you can do anything.  Pants take skill to make. Pants should be more expensive. Make pants.