Analogue Amnesty. 2008-14

AAsmall Analogue Amnesty is a collaborative sound and spinning project by Rachael Matthews, initiated in 2008.   First performed at Tatty Devine on Brick Lane, through a month of long winter nights, the project offered a service where proud owners of defunct TDK or VHS tapes could come and choose a selection of wool fibres, the colours of which reminded them of the contents of the tape.  The tape was then played for the last time, whilst being fed through a sound 'pick up' held by a hand feeding tape and carded fibres through the spinning wheel.  The project asks us to talk about our favourite films and music in terms of colour and texture, producing yarn, spoken word performance, and soundscape.


The project went of to play with Chicks on Speed and the Raincoats in the Girl Monster Orchestra at the Donu Festival in Austria.

workshopAnalogue Amnesty workshop at Tatty Devine 2008.


Yarn Menu 2008.



Collaboration Conversation


Rob-Ryan-artist-006 I do love a good conversation, especially a conversation where there are lots of ideas of things to make,


that would make the world a happier place,


today, tomorrow and until the end of time.


When I first met Rob Ryan and Harriet and Rosie from Tatty Devine,


over a decade ago now, this conversation clearly had no ending.


In fact, they still can’t stop talking, which is why I have been drafted in to host a conversation between them, which I have to contain to a mere morning at the new and exciting Soho Create festival. (Interrupting technique advice most welcome.)

There are heaps more great design legends talking that day, and Harriet and Rob will be pondering on ‘Making it Work’, discussing their rich and magical experience of collaboration.


It’s going to be at the Soho Theatre, which looks like this, except this isn’t the audience, that is someone else’s crowd. Booking of ticket strongly recommended.