We were sorry to report the sad news that our friend Doreen passed away last week.

If you have been to our private views, you will have conversed with this extraordinary lady.

We first met Doreen, aged 90 something, dressed in leathers in the Bethnal Green Library. She became a great encouragement to us. With every visit, we learned something new, usually about the finishing of good quality underwear, which she always wore.

When Stephen Jones and I-D Magazine asked us to make an Easter Bonnet for the parade at the V&A, Doreen came with us. She brought a couture hat for each of our girls to model.

We all cut a dash, but on arrival in the V&A foyer, Doreen was shocked that none of us posed for the cameras properly. Flinging her cape, fluttering her eyelashes, and strutting across the hall, she showed us how to do it and a mob of men shouted 'to me! to me!'

For the short time we knew Doreen, we have learned what a wonderful time we could possibly have when we grow old. Her world was huge and she will be missed by many. Lets hope Doreen has found a really good party to go to.

Doreen's obituary is written much better in the Times but this is how we knew her.

Thank you to her daughters for the lovely knitting books which we shall cherish.


This Friday evening is 'Mad Hatters' at the V&A, to accompany the Stephen Jones exhibition. I was chosen, along with some other designers to make an Easter Bonnet out of I-D Magazine. Louise, Rosemary and Zara, helped me shred and card all the paper a few weeks ago, and then I spun a yarn, and knitted a bonnet which you can come and see, along with lots of other fantastic bonnets including one by Tatty Devine and Rob Ryan, and all the other Mad Hatters.

Why are Hatters Mad? Well we were just discussing it, and it seems that Lewis Carrol made them mad, but really it was the mercury they used in the hat moulds at the millener's Luton, turned all the hat makers mad. What a shame. I hope to see you on Friday.