Mae has arrived - get your UFO's ready!


Dear All,

Mae Finlayson has arrived from Tazmania to administrate and remove any Unfinished Craft projects, we can no longer live with.

The service is free and comes with a free beer and a free conversation.

Mae will be answering questions about her practice, and study of the 'Never Made'.

Our event starts at 6pm today and finishes at 9pm. Un Finished Objects will be emigrating to Tazmania next week. Please make sure you package the works your self and that they contain no dangerous substances.

FOr more information, please visit

Finished UFO

  This little minty thing was hanging around in the UFO Project administration for years. It is  small, knitted on approx 2mm needles with  intricate decreasing in the middle and at the edges.


Ellen made this detailed drawing.

light greeen piece
light greeen piece

The Piece was adopted by Jackie, after a talk about UFO's which I gave to the Guild of Spinners Weaver and Dyers in West London.


A few weeks later Jackie sent us this picture of her finished piece, which she now has framed in her home.  The little decreases have directed Jackie into a delicate heart shape. What a gem. 

UFO discussions.


We were meant to be doing a crochet lesson at the RCA last week, but I couldn't resist bringing in a selection of UFO's for the students to discuss. This dazzling number came from a knitter at the West London Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers and it started Kim, a knitwear student, thinking.  She was itching to put it on, so we made her stand on a stool so that we could see what she looked like.  She wore, what we assume was the body of a sweater turned up side down, very well as a tube skirt.  The ribbing fit snuggly around her waist, and the most recently knitted bit, which was red, and not cast off, naturally rolled up to make a chunky tube- like edge.  The part of the UFO, which we think must have been a sleeve cuff, was knitted in the same colours, but had cables, beautifully knitted in different colours. Kim tried it against her at waist height, and over her knees.  The Cabled piece had loads of threads hanging off it, which looked like it could be incorporated into the design.  Who knows what Kim will do! Kim has lots of work to do at college, but I wouldn't have given her this piece if it hadn't suited her so well. Good luck Kim, and thank you for adopting this extra ordinary evolutionary idea!


This UFO is part of Prick Your Finger's UFO Project Administration Service founded in 2009


The UFO Project Administration Service

proudly presents a finished piece,

'THE VOMIT MONSTER' by Rachael Charnley, aka Miss String.

Back in the Spring, we administrated a half finished back of a jumper. Sarah thought this tweedy Rowan pink with yellow and blue flecks in was a good idea at the time, but her friends kept telling her it looked like puke. We called it 'Puke Piece'.

We sent it to Miss String a creative knitter of the magazine 'Pieces of String' who has also started the fantastic Felt Up Craft Club

of which you can

Miss String, whilst traveling between London, Reading, Brighton and Newcastle, has managed to create- THE VOMIT MONSTER, a friend for anyone suffering from a hangover.

We are looking forward to a visit from Vomit Monster and Miss String soon.

Arrangements for the visit are difficult because one of Miss String's relations kidnapped the Vomit Monster for a great right of passage; learning how to stomach raves and hickies.

We wish the said relation well.

Miss String has tackled Puke Piece in a responsible way, and Sarah, the original knitter, was delighted to see the result.

Thank you Miss String, for the love and comfort you have spread through all the ghastly hangovers. You confirm our belief that knitting can be useful even when you have your head in a bucket.



I would like to invite you to be part of an exciting new project for the Jerwood Contemporary Makers 2009 Exhibition at the Jerwood Space in London. 

Across the world, hidden in cupboards are accumulations of half knitted works. On conception the ideas were fueled with love and contemplation. For various reasons, sometimes sad, the projects have stalled. The patterns may be lost, and the yarns run out but with hours of skilled effort, these pieces are rarely thrown away, but hidden in drawers, left to harbor unexplained feelings. Recently abbreviated to 'UFOs,' unfinished objects seem to effect nearly every knitter.

UFO Project Administration Service aims to take these lost, guilt-ridden projects and inject them with a new lease of life. You are invited to send us your UFO's and apply to finish someone else's UFO.  We invite you to do what knitters do best - be practical, imaginative, and inventive. 

Please e-mail for an application form.

All UFO's can be seen at 

This site will be constantly up dated as the UFOs fly in. If you see one you would like to work on, please e-mail us.

When finishing a UFO we advise maximum creativity. A forlorn UFO may arrive on your doorstep, asking you to unlock it's secret history, the yarn within the yarn!

Help these UFOs become couture fashion, fine art or heirlooms!

To show a piece as part of Jerwood Contemporary Makers, please act hastily. I need everything in by 29th May!

(But there is no pressure to exhibit, you can work at any pace!) 

Watch this space for up dates and paranormal activity.