We went to a party the other night and bumped into our lovely friend John Paul Flintoff, author of 'Sew Your Own.' (on sale here, and a marvelous Christmas present) He said he couldn't stay out late because he had to go and interview Vivienne Westwood about environmental issues in the morning.

Gasping, I said 'Oh gosh, could you give her our manefesto, because she's quoted in it as saying 'It could be so brilliant'.

J-P said that while he was speaking with Dame Westwood, some people handed her a manefesto which she stuffed in her handbag without reading. Down hearted, J-P tried anyway and gave her our manefesto, printed on re-cycled paper, she kept it in her hand, even after shaking hands with the other hand to say goodbye! We were delighted.

Anyway, Dame Viv, promoting DIY in this week's Standard says "Stop buying clothes for 6 months - Wear a towel instead of a coat - it's very chic!"

We couldn't agree more.