We are saddened to hear that Malcolm McLarren is dead.

Prick Your Finger's strength of heart is partly due to the guidance of this funny man.

When we were planning our shop and in the early days of Cast Off Knitting Club, Malcolm taught us there is no time to wait for permission. Culture needs shaking, and we can 'be reasonable and demand the impossible -'

I think he grew up in a haberdashery shop, but I'm not sure, I might have dreamed that.... In the haberdashery shop, you constantly see people attempting things, and that's why we love it. McLarren's vision of re packaging, regurgitating, initiating creative freedom, and challenging existing cultural structures, was a far bigger lesson than anything we learned at art school.

We have a lot to thank him for.


Atention! Attention!

Next Saturday 9th August we highly recommend the Field Day Festival in Victoria Park. We will be teaching spinning next to Pom Pom International, and there is a whole pot pourri of brilliant bands, good bars and classy loos. 

For a full listing go to

So Roll Up, and don't forget, it's no use planting cooked potatoes.

(We are especially excited to be working with Natalie and Tom from 'Return to the Rural'. 

Seven years ago, Amy and I started a knitting Club. 

It didn't have a name and we were sitting on the steps of the White Cube Gallery in Hoxton Square, when we spotted a poster on a lamp post saying, 'Return to the Rural'. 

We e-mailed them saying we had rural tendencies,  and they invited us to form our first big knitting circle at their first party. It was with the photos from that party that we made a magazine called 'Cast Off' and Cast Off Knitting Club for Boys and Girls was born. )