Spreading Sunrise / Sunset.

I read that when Winifred Nicholson used to visit Mondrian,  he took ages to answer the door  because his black trousers were so tight and he had to do up his black shiny winkle pickers and make sure not a hair was out of place. piet_mondrian_foto2

I've exaggerated her description slightly , but anyway it inspired me to paint some yarns using only primary colours, and it knits up like a sunset or sunrise, that might have been in Mondrian's garden.  It feels good with tight black trousers.



It's in aran weight Blue Faced Leicester.  My jumper is in sunset colourway.  There's been hats and scarves, and now the neighbours are knitting in it.  Here is Jo in her sunrise version.



We love to say good morning and good night.