Prayer Ropes In Wild Wood Wool


Every once in a while, I get a call from Mother Seraphima and the Sisters, possibly the most creative knitting nuns in the United States of America. I first met Mother Seraphima and the Sisters when they came on a flying visit to Prick Your Finger after visiting the grave of their former Mother Superior in Kent. Their Mother Superior had knitted in UK sheep breeds and these sisters wanted to continue the tradition. This week Mother sent me this picture of the prayer rope she had made by knotting Cecilia and Jean’s Wild Wool Wool.

Mother sent us a link of how to make a prayer rope on U tube here. All the Sisters have been having a go. She will soon be sending us a leaflet on how to make them, and we will have a go. I think they make a lovely piece of something to help us which ever way we pray.


Cecilia and Jean of Wild Wood Wool are most flattered. Here is some wool they dyed inspired by a beach hedge and blue sky.


A few months back I spun Mother Seraphima this chunky Manx yarn.


She is knitting it up into a shawl. So far it is big enough for her bear to wear, but when the American heat wave cools down and she has finished her busy schedule of charity works, she will make it big enough to keep her cosy through the winter.

Love to Mother and the Sisters.