Gina Birch

gina3 Artist, film maker and singer from the seminal bands The Raincoats and The Hangovers, Gina Birch, came to Prick Your Finger in December 2010 to display her collection of handmade bags and banners and to sing us some songs.


She was amazing and it was a not surprisingly a rocking night. Gina's bags are made by her as part of the band merchandise and each one is a total one off.


The bags are knitted then felted with appliqued slogans and images relating to her songs.


The banners are a mixture of sayings and feminist quotes made throughout Gina's life and career.


It was extremely moving to have show personal and hand-made pieces by Gina. She is a woman whose creativity and energy has been a great catalyst and influence for many, including us at Prick Your Finger.