Excerpt from my book 'Mindfulness in Knitting' to go with the confused weather today.

'In the simplicity of the great white light all colour lives.' 

Winifred Nicholson (1893–1981), pioneering painter of abstract colour

Light through prism on banana yarn.

Light through prism on banana yarn.

Colours cannot be classed as good or bad, only as ‘true’. Nature teaches us that the colour spectrum works in perfect harmony, and through playing with the placement of colours we find their affinity with each other. Mindfully noticing this reminds us how our own energies and emotions balance. 

Rainbows sit soundless, triumphantly displaying the colours that reside in the rest of nature. There may even be more colours that we cannot yet see. As light moves around, the colours around us darken, lighten, and play wonderful games. The rainbow’s translucent colours may fade, but for that short time they beguile us into finding a more permanent luminosity elsewhere. The rainbow hints at colours that are hidden in flora and fauna, waiting to be extracted as natural pigments. The rainbow is always beautiful, and there is no colour within it that does not bring us at some time a deep sense of wonder or contentment. 

Colour depends not only on the quality of light under which we see it, but also on the ability of our eyes to truthfully receive the colour. When we are unconscious in the present, or feeling low, we might not perceive the power of colour. Even on the brightest days we might see only the separation of colour, and its degrees of light and shade, but not the full experience it offers our eyes. When we are alert and feeling perceptive, the differentiation of colours deepens and exciting things start to happen. Colours dance, changing each other by their juxtapositions. Some colours radiate, while others withdraw into themselves.

Back at the wool stash, we can investigate the abstract quality of our emotions by carefully arranging yarns, letting them form relationships that hint at our mood. We do not need to clarify that mood intellectually, as the colour spectrum is not an intellectual scale. Find colour stories that satisfy different moods, take you out of your safety zone and evoke a sense of freedom.