Dry Stone Walling with Alan Titchmarsh

Here is a picture from the green room at the Alan Titchmarsh show.

When you go on telly these days you have to wear extra make up because of the high definition screens. If the telly width is now up to 110 inches, and they are filming you up close, then your pimples could be as much as half an inch, if your not carefull...


So they literally use an airbrush to flatten your face. Here it is being loaded with foundation cream.


I was invited to show Alan my knitted dry stone wall, alongside Ingrid and her giant needles, and Helen from up north who knitted tea time and was very nervous. We were there as support for Pauline McLynn who was staring in a comedy at the Globe Theatre, and was wanting to talk about her knitted tea cosies which she sells. I think Pauline is a genius. She played Mrs Doyle on Father Ted. 

Here is ~Pauline helping Ingrid with her giant knitting. 

Mike Rutherford from Genesis was there too talking about his new book. I got confused and thought I knew him from the French House pub in Soho, so got too embarrassed to ask for his autograph. Here is a picture of Mike which I lifted off the internet. 


Strange world television. I don't think anyone I know saw it, but I'm not sure. Its an experience. Its culture, and culture is good. We went to see Pauline in her play at Globe Theatre shortly afterwards and that was amazing.