Analogue Amnesty. 2008-14

AAsmall Analogue Amnesty is a collaborative sound and spinning project by Rachael Matthews, initiated in 2008.   First performed at Tatty Devine on Brick Lane, through a month of long winter nights, the project offered a service where proud owners of defunct TDK or VHS tapes could come and choose a selection of wool fibres, the colours of which reminded them of the contents of the tape.  The tape was then played for the last time, whilst being fed through a sound 'pick up' held by a hand feeding tape and carded fibres through the spinning wheel.  The project asks us to talk about our favourite films and music in terms of colour and texture, producing yarn, spoken word performance, and soundscape.


The project went of to play with Chicks on Speed and the Raincoats in the Girl Monster Orchestra at the Donu Festival in Austria.

workshopAnalogue Amnesty workshop at Tatty Devine 2008.


Yarn Menu 2008.



Alex Czinczel


cheeseburger1 Alex Czinczel is a book-binder, model-maker, knitter, embroiderer and animator in brief. Her first solo exhibition, "El Burro Y Los Muebles" (The Donkey And The Furniture) comprised a short animated film screened alongside the window display of her knitted characters. Cacti, idiotic cats, rodents and a philosopher rabbit make an appearance in addition to the protagonist Burro. The photo-collage style animation tells the story of a donkey on an epic quest for furniture. His journey is littered with subtle humour and the layers of image provide countless surreal references. More of Alex Czinczel's work can be found here.

Tom of Holland


glove8x10 "Reading Gloves" brought together two of Tom of Holland's interests - knitting and romantic fiction. Together with his talent for making intricate gloves, the window display was comprised of short extracts from several novels accompanied by respective  hand wear representations of the main characters. L.T. Tolstoy's Anna Karenina was displayed alongside a fine black lacework pair of longsleeved gloves in Shetland Ultra Cobweb. The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde was comprised of two parts - the immaculate gloves of youth and beauty below a framed photo of a pair of aged decreptit gloves. Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Laurence inspired two pairs of gloves, a coarse gardener's pair and a delicate lady's pair. Tom of Holland's website is here.

Gina Birch

gina3 Artist, film maker and singer from the seminal bands The Raincoats and The Hangovers, Gina Birch, came to Prick Your Finger in December 2010 to display her collection of handmade bags and banners and to sing us some songs.


She was amazing and it was a not surprisingly a rocking night. Gina's bags are made by her as part of the band merchandise and each one is a total one off.


The bags are knitted then felted with appliqued slogans and images relating to her songs.


The banners are a mixture of sayings and feminist quotes made throughout Gina's life and career.


It was extremely moving to have show personal and hand-made pieces by Gina. She is a woman whose creativity and energy has been a great catalyst and influence for many, including us at Prick Your Finger.