'I wondered what the hammering was,' she said feeling weak and breathless, and a little afraid of him, as he looked straight at her.
"Ah'm gettin' th' coops ready for th' young bods." he said in broad vernacular. She did not know what to say and felt weak.
'I should like to sit down a bit,' she said.

'Come and sit 'ere i' th' 'ut,' he said, going in front of her to the hut, pushing aside some timber and stuff, and drawing out a rustic chair made of hazel sticks.
'Am Ah t'light yer a little fire?' he asked with the curious naivete of the dialect.
'Oh don't bother.' she replied. But he looked at her hands; they were rather blue. So he quickly took some larch twigs to the little brick fireplace in the corner, and in a moment the yellow flame was running up the chimney. He made a place by the brick hearth.
'Sit 'ere then a bit and warm yer.' He said.
We are looking forward to Tom Van Deijnen's Reading Gloves to be shown at Prick Your Finger in February. Tom has knitted gloves for our favourite characters from classic novels.
Pictured above, Mellors and Lady Chatterley from Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H Laurence.
Mellors made from Nettle fibre £5 per skein, and Lady Chatterley 4ply Wensleydale £4/50g.