How gorgeous is Susan Crawford's re-working of the traditional Christmas reindeer jumper?
The easy to follow pattern appears in 'Vintage Gifts to Knit' (on sale here £14) and is one of the hottest knits this season; especially cosy in JC Renne Shetland 4ply.
Finishing this detailed garment before Christmas morning, is entirely possible, but for those of you wishing you'd started earlier, we say "KEEP GOING!" You are creating an heirloom to delight your friends and family year after year, and not stooping so low as to buy the H&M version, which is bound to be herding itself to landfill next summer.

Last summer we heard Annemour talk about Norwegian knitting. She told us how her grandmother knitted reindeer on jumpers for all the family, and one day a lady from the over the valley knocked on the door and said 'Could I borrow your reindeer pattern?'
Annemour's grandmother said 'Knit your own bloody raindeer!' and shut the door.