We have just got our photos developed from New York. We went there to do some research for our 'Spark Plugs' project a few weeks back. Spark Plugs is a curator's research grant, awarded by the Crafts Council. You never know what you are going to find when you start doing research.
Our subject is Clothes as Spiritual Support Structure. We looked at the odd gallery and museum, but the really interesting discovery came, when we were standing outside a pub, and in one of the flats opposite, there appeared to be some bare chested men in tight pants. We laughed at them for a while and then we noticed the door was open so we gate crashed, what seemed to be a party.
What we discovered was a men's only superhero gathering, fueled by baby oil, lycra, hairspray and a drug which we chose to ignore. The superheros were most welcoming, giving us beer and full filling our request for 'Prince'. The most serious superheros we had ever met, didn't talk or dance, but beet their chests and growled like Tarzan. Lycra and baby oil represented something powerful for this group of men. Collective dressing formed a secure structure for these men to enjoy flexing their muscles and forget all their worries, including the two giggling girls dancing to their stereo.