We have a new bag (free with purchases over £10!) with a coat of arms. The bags were goody bags for Craftacular, but we shall keep making them for the shop. On the back it says, 'Be the change you want to see at Prick Your Finger' - wise words lifted from Gandhi.
The 'J' s on the main shield, are not actually 'J's they are tenterhooks, which we hang on a lot, being the sorts of people that continually take risks, but we also use tenterhooks for hanging washed fleece and skeins out to dry. We are smothered in nature and moths, with rulers, and cotton, hooks, needles, and buttons.
The coat of arms came about because I was in the middle of re-drawing Sebastian Horsley's coat of arms when he died. There were bits of tracing paper floating out of my sketchbook, waiting to become arms. Above is his original one. He wanted to swap the cotton for a top hat, change the leaves and fluff up the feathers. I guess he wouldn't have minded me borrowing his helmet.
And here is me with 250 bags on my bike. We printed them in one evening , along to the Sonic Youth Goo album which has kept us working at midnight for over 20 years.