Many of you have asked what all the banging and drilling and dust is about next door to us. It's been going on all summer, and that's why we have been shouting at everyone, making a racket with our own power tools, re-building our shop by competing with them and feeding off the vibe!

Brendon (second from the left in this picture) and his wife Jo have literally re-built next door, and it is almost ready to become a beautiful home and design studio.
The amazing thing is, Brendon been re building the Titanic on channel 4 at the same time.

It is a very exciting program, showing the craft skills and man power used at the turn of last century. They investigate the impact Titanic had on Belfast, by delving into social history by chatting in the pubs.

Every craftsman will love this program. It is brilliantly researched, sensitive, clever and quite frankly, beautiful.