We would like to congratulate Celia Ward and East London Textile Arts for their touching display in our window. Women from many different faiths, joined together at St. Barnabas Church, to embroider alphabets and animals. Women who couldn't make it to the church, were visited by an out- reach worker, who delivered sewing materials. That even included women from Malancrav, a small village in Transylvania who have their own alphabet!
On the wall is a large hanging showing some of the animals which have been lovingly stitched.
We love this community's work because they have pro longed and enhanced the life of their embroidery by photographing it and reproducing it by making decorative papers and greetings cards on a desk top printers. All the cards and papers are for sale and the money goes back into the community fund. They have designed charming repeating patterns and packaged everything beautifully. The papers would be lovely for wrapping presents of covering books.
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