In the Loop 2 knitting conference was held in Lerwick, but we chose to stay on the neighboring island of Bressay, at the lighthouse. This meant that we could get lots of fresh air before and after the lectures.

We loved traveling on the ferry twice a day. Celia Pym took all these romantic pictures.

Most evenings we cooked at the lighthouse, but one night we dined out on chips.

Left to right, that's me, Trevor (Treasure)Pitt, Katy Beven, Louise, and Our Zarah.The ferry was quieter at night, and then we would cycle home in the dark. We didn't have lights on our bikes, (there were very few cars), and when it got really black, the light from the lighthouse would come every half a minute or so, and light up the way ahead, and then we would have to remember which way to steer. So much fun!