Introducing the new knitting needle display system!
I'd been wondering for a while, how to condense the knitting needles, which were taking up a whole wall of the shop.
The answer came while I was helping my Dad survey a site in Kendal.
A few months before the general election, the Conservative Party office in Kendal was torched in an arson attack, and burnt to the ground. Dad is designing flats to go in it's place.
Out the back of the site, in the undergrowth I found an old rusty display for paint brushes, all tangled up in the brambles. It took me a couple of evenings to crochet around the rusty metal, and I spray painted the top and drilled the word 'Pricks' in the metal, because in Kendal, the old word for needle is 'prick.'
Kendal has an interesting history as a wool town, with teasles and tenterhooks on it's crest. I was tempted to remove the dandilion bottom left, but mum was parked on a double yellow.