There's a very special gift for us all to see in our work by Fleur Oakes.
Basically it is a corset, but as you can start to see from these pictures, it's a corset from a place beyond Narnia. This piece has taken months to make, and was inspired by the creaking frost that twinkled at Fleur last winter.

Each needle lace leaf took Fleur about 5 hours. The eyes are not apparent at first. Like with any green man / woman, we are beckoned in and only when we are looking closely to we see there is someone looking back at us.
There is a needle lace cat and a deer, dancing and racing through the greens and blues and whites,
of the shot taffita, which shimmers as our eyes travel around.

On the back of the piece, are layers of little organza snowflakes which have not beginning or end, but which hold a little message from Fleur which reads...
'For I have loved thee with an everlasting love, therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.'
Much of this great work was made through a giant magnifying glass, which I imagine is how Fleur must look at the whole world, in order to understand the enormity of what is around us and somehow express it with needle and thread. In the midst of energetic summer, I urge you to come look at patient sparkling winter which will be upon us before we can say Jack Frost.