I am deeply saddened to hear that our friend Sebastian Horsley died yesterday. Sebastian inspired me to write, and I loved the way he made himself into an institution, by being a dandy, designing his clothes, making beautiful paintings - doing strange things. He just got on with what he had to do, constantly cutting against the grain, and asking questions we never dared. He gave us permission to speak and behave with with honesty and passion.

The phrase Prick Your Finger had been floating around in my head for a while, but it was when I wondered what I would tell Sebastian our shop was going to be called, that I realized that was it's name. I used to see Sebastian in Soho, in the Colony, or drinking hot chocolate with our mutual friend. He talked about death in a special way, and I kind of hoped he would out live us all, so that whenever we were frightened or saddened by death, he could be there, to slip us a quote, which might make us laugh and marvel at the power of nature and emotions.

You can read all about this tragic accident in the press.
He wore darkness, but I will remember Sebastian as being full of light and life, and sparks going off everywhere.

I'm have to go out now, so I will improve on this post later.
Big love to him and all his loved ones.