We have been knitting a picnic for a poster for the Welcome Collection Picnic. We are making an embroidery project for the picnic day, but I'll tell you more about that later, but for now, lets talk about the food.Jamiesons Shetland spindrift Mooskit/white bread at £2.80/25g, with JC Rennie 4ply marl crusts coming soon at £4.50/50g, stuffed with PYF handspun cotton cottage cheese £2.00/10g.
Prawn cocktail Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift Dog Rose £2.80/25g, Lettuce PYF handspun £2/10g, bread PYF bargin bin £1 /100g.

Bread Shetland Mooskit £2.80/25g with JC Rennie crusts, lettuce green chenielle PYF bargin bin 50p while stocks last, cheese Shetland Spindrift Daffodil £2.80/ 25g, tomato Shetland DK scarlet £2.80/25g.
Strawberries Shetland Spindrift Scarlet £2.80/25g with tops JC Rennie 4ply, with embroidery thread seeds 60p per skein.
Tarts, Pastry carpet yarn 40p/10g, icing PYF handspun £2/10g, cherry Shetland Spindrift Dk Cherry £2.80/25g.