Contracts are important in any working environment. They don't have to be scary, they can be friendly, like a party invitation or a check. Every worker in our factory has to sign one.

We wrote it by translating the suggested contact in the TSB Business Start Up Guide into our own language. It reads as follows.....

1. I hearby agree that work in this mill is of exchangeable value to be negotiated.

2. Prick Your Finger encourages a refreshment interval every 30 minutes and expects workers to practice expressive movements during this period.

3. Prick Your Finger mill expects workers to take psychogeography trips when needed.

4. Job title (to be chosen by worker)................

5.In case of accident please contact............6. Pensions. Craft is for life and this is where you start paying.

7. Prick Your Finger requires 30 seconds notice to be given by you the worker on leaving the mill.

8. Prick Your Finger Mill Worker's Union will be formed when the time is right.

By signing this contract I agree to all of the above statements.


The Small Business Guide, was lent to us by our big business sisters at Tatty Devine, and has proved most beneficial over the last couple of years.

Louise made these pay slips which each worker gets on clock out. the chap in the middle is William Morris although it looks a bit like Stephen.