Last night we had a rocking party. We received a small grant from Tower Hamlet's Council, via Alternative Arts, to make a project to celebrate International Women's Week. The subject was suffragette movement. We asked the local Golden Years women, who meet at Bethnal Green Library, to voice their opinions, to print on shopping bags, for us all to use.
We invited parliamentry candidates to come and choose one to use while canvasing.
Tea brewed all evening, and Queen rocked on the stereo as it inspired one of the more popular bags which read 'Don't Stop Me Now.'
'Take Your Poo Home," and "Stop Swearing in Everyday Language" were our favourites, and 'Know Your Neighbour", "More Free Speech" and "Don't Stop Me Now" the Ladies' most popular.
"No More Spitting" and "Stop Punishing Savers" sparked debate.
I'm not sure what the candidates thought of us or the bags. Fortunatly they were all men, so the ladies had fun teasing them by assessing their charms and looks.
Thanks ladies, we had such fun working with you.
(We hand printed loads of bags, so for the next month or so you get to choose one for free when you spend over £20 at PYF!)