Textile friends of the world unite, we are supposed to pay tribute to St Blaize, the patron saint of wool carding, the day after tomorrow. We forgot that 4th February is traditionally a day off for textile workers. We have to offer candles or make big blazes in conspicuous places.
In the past, textile workers were so poor that they often had to sacrifice their tools to the blaze to make it big enough.
It's a liberating service, and not nearly as painful what Bishop Blaize went through. The order of Licinius ordered Blaize to death by wool comb in A.D 316, but he would not die. Maidens covered themselves in his blood, and they were combed too, but their wounds brought forth milk, and they didn't die either.
Why not symbolize the milk with a mug of cocoa? He's the Saint of sore throats too, so perhaps light an extra candle if you have this affliction.
I've written the full story, with all the gory details in Simply Knitting Magazine to be published next month.