We had a lovely dinner last night with Rosie and Tony and Anat, and I was remembering what fun we had with Girlmonster, and to my delight found this video this morning. Let me explain what is happening!

Chicks on Speed practice singing 'Lola' back stage with the Raincoats, then we see Lola performed on stage, with Anat wearing bath towels and gaffa tape, and we are singing in black and white dresses, and my spinning wheel is there somewhere, and the Raincoats are playing beautifully and then the woman from Yo Majesty buts in, too put a whole new dimension on the song, and then we all go wild and so does the audience, and a pair of boobs came out stage right, and we all hold hands, and leave the stage to go and buy the wonderful re-released Raincoats albums which every knitter should have in their stash!