We are very sad to hear that Lee McQueen has passed away. He was a bright star and his death is a huge loss to British culture.
We were inspired by the way he constantly developed his craft skills, starting from his apprenticeship on Saville Row. He was not afraid of hard work, business, fame or fashion.
He said,
"I'm interested in designing for posterity. People who buy McQueen are going to hand the clothes down to their children, and that's very rare to-day."
Only a great artist and craftsman would have that vision. He also once said,
"I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists, I have to force people to look at things."

On the evening of this tragedy I was lucky enough to be drinking champagne at the top of Centre Point. I looked over our beautiful city, and thought about how incredibly dedicated he was, dashing around London, bringing us the spectacular. We never bought his clothes, but ever since we were students, he entertained and more importantly - guided us. Every season he would show us how you can always step up and push ideas further.

I hope his death will force the world to look at how important it is to protect and nurture fantasy, romance and beauty. His talent was second to none, and he will inspire generations to come.
McQueen got on with his own thing, and for that he will not be remembered for his clothes alone.