ASAP Twitterers! You can cast on today with Ingrid Murane's cyber knitting performance.

Apologies, I should have blogged this yesterday, so you can get started NOW, but I'm sure you can catch up.
Ingrid had been thinking for a while about combining social networking and knitting, by crowd sourcing tweets to make a knitting pattern. She mentioned it to the rest of her collaborators the '@Platea Steering Committee' and although not all knitters, they thought it a marvelous idea. Ingrid explained to me,

You can take part in two ways, either as a maker or instructor. She asks instructers to use the hashtag then plateaknit when they give makers abreviated knitting instructions in tweet. These will be picked up by the the makers and incorporated into the piece they are knitting. Although they will be using knitting abbreviations, makers can use whatever media they like to interpret and perform: Drawing or photography could be influenced by the knitting pattern instructions.
If you decide to knit, you can either cast on a number of stitches to work from as a base and follow the instructions to make a freeform piece of work, or use a garment as a basis for your performance. Simple things will work better for this such as scarves, shawls and basic hats. It doesn't matter what yarn or needles you use either. As with all making, there will be a certain amount of personal interpretation of any instructions to fit what you are making.

For more instruction and to get started, got to @PLATEA Blog and find InnyM on Twitter.
Good luck everyone! We would love to see what you end up knitting.