Here is the poster for our new residency in the show 'Louder than Bombs' at the Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University. Inspired by The Smiths, the show will run for 7 weeks, with 7 residences and 7 ways to activate change.

Other artists include,

Ansuman Biswas


Aine Philips


Steven Levon Ounanian


Thomas Thwaites


Sean Burn


Stacy Makishi

and Yoshiko Shimada, and

The Vacuum Cleaner


Our week starts on 15th March (Please come visit) where we will present;

'Murder at the Wool Hall'

We are concerned that textile production which historically formed an economic back bone of Britian, has been lost to unethical manufacturing structures of disposable fashion. By constructing the world's first bicycle powered wool mill, we will turn the unwanted sheep fleeces within the M25, into a range of seductive yarns, good enough for the Queen.

Analyzing our factory's data, with live link -ups to the Stock Exchange, illustrated information from 'Love fashion, Hate Sweatshops' and 'The Environmental Justice Foundation', our factory asks the world to listen to sensible ways of profiting from nature without exploitation.

'This is the start of something we can not finish. The reward for our toil will not only be the product we make, but what we become by it. When love and skills come together, expect masterpieces. Creativity is a drug we can not live without.'

Watch this space for updates, and please come and visit us. The work will be fun and there will be regular tea breaks with bingo and dancing. The poster holds an image of Joseph Beuys in 1985, (not Michael Jackson as was originally thought.) Quote Beuys;

'Art that cannot shape society and therefore also cannot penetrate the heart questions of society, (and) in the end influence the question of capital, is no art.'

Here is Louise, age 15, in her boyfriend's bedroom listening to The Smiths "Things Take Time."

The words to the last verse which they learned off by heart together were,

'On the alcoholic afternoons,

when we sat in your room,

they meant more to me than any,

than any living thing on earth,

they had more worth,

than any living thing on earth..... '