We disguised our suprise, when Axl and Slash rocked up to Prick Your Finger this weekend. We have always maintained that when superstars shop with us, they will be treated the same as everyone else. This time we made an exception and took them to Louise's house to freak out.
Slash found my appliqued double neck guitar much lighter than his own, and he said our top hat, knitted by Kitty in a blend of wool and back bin liners, was really cool. Axl found the amplification from our giant knitting needles most empowering. He was running up and down the bedroom all afternoon.

Actually I can't tell a lie. That's us in the photos. We keep being asked for press shots, and after discussing new looks, we realised we could be who ever we wanted, so this Sunday, we were/ will be again, Axl and Slash.Dear Siobth,
Thank you for taking the pictures. What a brilliant way to spend an afternoon!
Love R x