Mrs Cooper said to Mr. Cooper many times,
"Don't leave your valuables in the back of the car, because someone might break in and steal them!"
Most of the time, when parking the car, Mrs Cooper's words resounded in Mr. Cooper's head, but one sunny day in Somerset, a big green hill beckoned Mr.Cooper, and off he went on his walk, forgetting about the back seat.
At the summit, scanning the view, he noticed two men breaking into the back of his car. Pegging it down the hill, on reaching the car, his bags and new camera were no where to be seen.
Several months later, Mr. Cooper received a telephone call from the Somerset Police. They had recovered his bag from a hedgerow, sadly minus the camera, but his favourite guernsey was almost in tact, apart from a few large holes, where some slugs had tucked in.
(Yes, slugs and snails have been known to eat good quality wool)
Mrs. Cooper asked us to darn it, and it is now ready to be worn by Mr. Cooper on more adventures.
Mrs. Cooper doesn't think Mr. Cooper will make the same mistake again.