Our last day trading for 2009 was 23rd December when we closed early at 5pm and went for fish and chips followed by Public Image Ltd. at the Electric Ballroom.

Prick Your Finger is not a limited company, it is a partnership; but our public image, and the public image of all our customers and artists, is very important, and we would like to thank Johnny Lydon for his inspiration.
On stage, after greeting us he said 'We have a lot of work to do this evening,' and so we all did.
PIL were never a band but a company. Our part seemed as important as theirs and none of us would ever want to be categorized.
This was not the original band, but new PIL, funded by Johnny Lydon's butter advert. All new gigs were recorded and the CD sold at the end of the gig, to fund the making of a new album, with no record company interference. We like that.

We were too young to see PIL the first time round and of course it wasn't like it was, but the songs are so good and his voice and presence extraordinary. He explained his need to sing these songs at this time in his life, and we needed him to sing them for this time in our lives.
Anarchy had never seemed so warm, friendly, and achievable. We felt like guided warriers, with plenty of drive, who will not surrender under any circumstances.
Thank you Johnny, I hope you wouldn't mind me saying your gig was like a big cuddle.