In the minutes leading up to the strike of mid day on Saturday last, queues started to form outside York Hall, Bethnal Green, for the one and only Bust Craftacular.
The first one hundred customers received a PYF, hand printed goody bag, which we made in the shop last Monday.
Some were red and some were pink.
We were teaching people to knit in the bar, and our stall was set up on Louise's laundry rack.
I've not seen so many crafty feminists in one place for a long time. They all bustled around Tatty Devine's Christmas Tree Tombola.
We laid a wool trail between York Hall and the shop, which proved good for our business.
We taught lots of people to knit, and had a lovely day but by twenty past six we had done too much talking and were ready for chips.
Thank you Victoria for organising such a brilliant event and to Mrs. Higgins of Tatty Devine and Zarah for the photos.