The UFO Project Administration Service

proudly presents a finished piece,

'THE VOMIT MONSTER' by Rachael Charnley, aka Miss String.

Back in the Spring, we administrated a half finished back of a jumper. Sarah thought this tweedy Rowan pink with yellow and blue flecks in was a good idea at the time, but her friends kept telling her it looked like puke. We called it 'Puke Piece'.

We sent it to Miss String a creative knitter of the magazine 'Pieces of String' who has also started the fantastic Felt Up Craft Club

of which you can

Miss String, whilst traveling between London, Reading, Brighton and Newcastle, has managed to create- THE VOMIT MONSTER, a friend for anyone suffering from a hangover.

We are looking forward to a visit from Vomit Monster and Miss String soon.

Arrangements for the visit are difficult because one of Miss String's relations kidnapped the Vomit Monster for a great right of passage; learning how to stomach raves and hickies.

We wish the said relation well.

Miss String has tackled Puke Piece in a responsible way, and Sarah, the original knitter, was delighted to see the result.

Thank you Miss String, for the love and comfort you have spread through all the ghastly hangovers. You confirm our belief that knitting can be useful even when you have your head in a bucket.