One of the perks of being a knitter with an internet connection is that you can get to know knitting cousins in far away places. I think I first became aware of Lisa Anne when we appeared in KnitKnit by Sabrina Gschwandtner and then I've followed her blog and worn her 'Saddlesore' badge ever since. Lisa Anne rocked up to the shop on Saturday. She had a sore butt because some idiot knocked her off her bike on the way to the airport.

We went for a Pint of London Pride. Lisa Anne is here for a solo show at Nottingham Art Gallery which has shut for re building, but they are showing artists in the window. Lisa Anne has made a series of green Nottingham Forest Sweaters for her show entitled "Take this Knitting machine and Shove it". She has knitted the city's rebel heritage into jumpers and mini skirts for merry feminists, and will be talking about her work tomorrow. I recommend it because there isn't anyone quite like her!
Find out more click here.
In the pub, Lisa was knitting a red square for a project on Saturday, where everyone is invited to submit a square with some text.
Lisa Anne's square is knitted with our favourite red Wensleydale Longwool. (She bought some more of it to knit a cardigan.) The idea of attaching text to squares came after experiencing knitting circles in LA where everyone discusses shows on television. Not having a television, she fancied discussing something a bit more in depth.
Then we found ourselves at the Derek Jarman Award ceremony, where there were lots of canopes. We weren't allowed to take our drinks into the cinema, we had to leave them on this table. Lisa Anne had the genius idea of identifying her beer with a bit of red wool. TOP TIP!
Lisa was wearing one of her jumpers. On the front it said
"Strangle the last king with the entrails of the last priest." and on the back it said,
"Mend the roads with the ruins of churches."
Both sayings that the English used to shout in pubs and at protests.

To see and hear more, get yourself to Nottingham tomorrow! Trains leave from St. Pancras and it takes a couple of hours, otherwise, check out Lisa's blog "Steal this Sweater" the link to which is just to the right on this blog!
Thanks for a lovely time Lisa Anne.