Woolfest was brilliant, as ever this year. I was Bo-Peep for the Knitted Sheep Auction, which raised £1003 for Farm Africa. More about that later, but I want to write about Mr. Brown's crook, which I feel is a pressing issue. When I arrived at Woolfest, one of the organisers said "We've still got your crook from last year!"

Well I knew there was a mistake because my crook last year had a thistle carved on it and this one clearly read 'W.J. Brown on one side and Langleeford on the other.

So I looked up Langleeford on the internet and discovered it to be a tiny hamlet or farm in a remote place in the region of Berwick-Upon-Tweed in Northumbria.  I imagine W.J.Brown is a busy farmer with a loyal sheep dog and no crook. He must be kicking himself that he left it behind at Woolfest last year, and it probably wasn't his fault because the Knitted Sheep Auction is a noisy and exciting event, where it is quite possible that one could forget anything. 

So I've written W.J. Brown a letter.

The crook is so beautifully crafted, I dare not put it in the post until I have confirmation from Mr. Brown and a postcode. I will have to wait and see what happens. In the mean time, I found this video of sheep herding on Langleeford, which could be conducted by a Mr. Brown.