Last weekend I was delighted to go to Louise and Gavin's house where Gavin and his brother were building a table out of an old piece of stable wall. Some of the pieces they disguarded were completely rotten and very characterful, so I had to use them. 
I'd thought for a while, that if I devote my life to textiles,  it's important to grow a beautiful garden and feed the birds. My garden is a roof, with lots of pots and a strip of astro turf. A Blackbird, a Wood Pigeon and some butterflies have visited already, but I figured that if I wanted to attract the Blue Tits etc, I'd better build them a bird table. 
The wood was soft and easy to work with and somehow the bird table seems remarkably strong. I plan to give it a turf roof at some point.
The wood pigeon has tucked in, but I'll have to be patient and wait for the little birds.