It really feels like the end of term. Tomorrow (Friday) we will install the show at the Jerwood Space (which opens Wednesday) and celebrate our second birthday at Prick Your Finger by showing Meiko's 99 Knitted Lizards. Do come to our party, it's from 6-9pm!
Hopefully the day after I will sun bathe.  Here is the 'Cheap and Chic' vision of a bikini.

" It's silly that the tiniest bikinis fetch ridiculous prices when it is so simple to create your own. It's just a twist of a wrist and two scarves. The ones shown here are 58 by 15 inches.  For the bottom, cut the scarf on the solid line and fold on the dotted lines to make the back and front triangles.  Fold the remaining materials in thirds to make a long triangle which is stitched in as the crotch; tie the corners at the hips and you have bikini pants.  For the top use a similar scarf, same size, twist it in the centre and tie snugly in back or at neck."