Here is a film to advertise Felix's new podcast. It features me on spinning wheel. And here is the press release. Put it in your diaries.
The Domestic Soundscape is a specially comissioned podcast series for Cut & Splice: Living Rooms. Researched, recorded and produced by Felicity Ford, the series will feature an aray of sonic experiments, artist's conversations, sounds, home recordings and compositions. Exploring the relationship between domestic space and the artists' imagination, the Domestic Soundscape podcast series will investigate the role of domestic appliances, daily routines, habits, rooms and home-recordings in a contemporary sound art/ composition practice.

The first one will be coming out on the cutandsplice website on 28th May and will focus on tape and domestic soundscape. this episode will feature Rachael Matthews (ME!) and Analogue Amnesty as well as experimental recordings made from putting speakers inside a tea pot and some versions of Alvin Lucier's 'I am sitting in a room' and many recordings of everday sounds......