Last Saturday was all about gloves. Fleur had a hole in the finger of her vintage crochet glove, about which we had a consultation. A red UFO glove arrived from Clare in Hackney. Her aunty had started it in rayon, which had slipped off the bobbin and got in a terrible tangle.
Later in the day we visited the Museum of British Folklore - a brilliant exhibition in a painted caravan run by a jolly chap called Simon. He had this beautiful glove with a heart in the palm, used to ward off nasty things. I have been moved by this glove and urgently feel the need to have a glove like this in the UFO plan chest. Us UFO knitters have been battling against all sorts of weird ghosts and spooks and dead ends, and we have fought them all off with grace, skills and humour. I want to finish a glove like this, just to make sure that everything will be alright.