Linda was living in Earls Court when she knitted the first lilac raglan piece and and Battersea for the second.  She wanted to be Molly Ringwold in 'Pretty in Pink', but when she bought the yarn in Peter Jones she was sure it was more pink than that. She thought it might have been the strip lighting, but anyway, she went off it, and the pattern is lost and she's keeping the needles.
It was in a quaint 3 ply cable for a size 10.  There was 32g of yarn left.  Purple is a very under estimated colour. I read on the internet that it symbolizes spiritual freedom and royalty.

Hannah in Nunhead struggled with this UFO. She didn't choose it, I sent it to her.  The colour and the lace pattern drove her crazy.  Racking her brains over what to do, she watched 'Pretty in Pink' and was shocked to discover that they never actually got it together- the love didn't happen.  As the Jerwood deadline approached, Hannah felt the stress mount up and then squeezed out the brilliant 'Heart Attack Jumper'.  Hannah said she had no previous experience of heart attacks, but has learned a lot about them through the making of this piece.