Finished UFOs are flying in now ahead of the Jerwood Contemporary Makers show where they shall be proudly displayed. We are loving Celia's finished UFO piece which she dropped in on Friday, and is one of the more unusual pieces.  Here is a picture of the original UFOs.

We didn't know what was going on here. No pattern, no clues,  and the pieces were all different and unfinished. It's hard to see in the photo but the yarn has a special radio active quality.
This piece came to us from LMB recycling and were the most unidentifiable objects we found. 

Celia really  struggled with her UFO. Should it be made into a garment? A memorial blanket? Should she unravel? Re knit? Preserve? Destroy? Cut up? and what to do about the colour which was so strong?
She looked at it a lot. She imagined herself being a police crime scene investigator, discovering the history of these strange objects. Celia pinned them on graph paper  traced around them and pinned them on the wall.  She lived with them for a while. Celia tried to get to know them but they were foreign to her. Celia thought these pieces would never be practical.  They were not cast off properly, there was no extra yarn and it was impossible to unravel.

The strongest aspect was the colour. She had lots of blue and green yarns around her and they all seemed to match.
Celia started to knit the shadows of these pieces. The shadows were going to be smaller than the pieces. They reflect all the stitches of the original pieces, and like real shadows, they were a different size to the origional object.

It made her think of Peter Pan and Wendy. When Peter looses his shadow he tries to stick it back on with soap but it doesn’t work so Wendy helps him sew it back on.

We can't stop looking at these pieces. They are very much alive.