As I write, Mieko Tozawa is trying to persuade 99 knitted lizards to go in her suitcase. Her 99 knitted lizards will do as they are told, because of the good hearts she made them. Meiko is coming to London to knit the 100th Lizard at Prick Your Finger on Friday 5th June. You are all invited to come and witness the birth of this creature. 
Meiko's lizards are keeping it real. They believe that man and lizard are one, and believe you me, when you meet them you'll know what she means. 
Meiko will be holding two workshops on Saturday 6th and 13th at PYF and then her show will travel to 'Ruby in the Soda' in Japan. 
We are very excited to be receiving Meiko Tozawa and her 99 lizards and we hope you can all come to witness this fascinating right of passage.
To see more of Meiko's work go to http://yaplog.jp/yoshieda and http://blog.drecom.jp/yoshieda