We are proud to announce that we think we have fulfilled our life ambitions by being on the bill for the Chick on Speeds Girl Monster event in Austria next weekend!  Prick Your Finger, your local haberdashery shop will be playing before the Raincoats. Yes! The Raincoats! The original healthy girl punk band. We are playing with Ian Tea Thompson of the Hackney Secular Singers who has made a marvelous contraption for me to hold whilst spinning the tape cassettes. He will pick up the sounds one last time, as they become plied yarn and Louise will be carding a fantastic array of fibres. Then at 00.30 we will be playing in the GMO the Girl Monster Orchestra under the artistic direction of Gustav. This evening promises to make history, even by it's very existence. Chicks on Speed know how to keep it real and stay free. For more information on Girl Monster go to
I'll blog about it next week, and then Louise and I shall retire in glee.