We were so excited when we heard that The Long Lost were coming all the way from Calafornia, that we thought it best to roll out the barrel. Kegging the barrel is a dying craft. One hit with the mallet and the peg is in, miss it and honeyed organic beer goes everywhere. 

(We wore overalls so we didn't ruin our pretty frocks.)

Alfred and Laura arrived and were just as we imagined- charming, stylish, inspired characters. 

We talked about knitting Alfred a suit of armor, (This is the American spelling, we spell it armour) possibly in Herdwick. It's not such a daft idea; Conrad of Montferrat clothed his army in felted wool, which was so well made, that neither point of sword or balls discharged from firearms could penetrate it.

The shop filled, the barrel emptied and The Long Lost and their friends started to play. 

It was quiet, imtimate, and very beautiful. If they paused you'd hear a pin drop, and the odd click of a knitting needle, such was the ambiance at Prick Your Finger. 

Even the sparkly shoes stood still.

And on the street, people gazed through the window in amazement.