Harriet (off Tatty Devine) and I,  kind of share a birthday towards the end of march. This year we realised that we were too busy to celebrate, and the only date we had free was Friday 13th March. What better day could one pick to have the dress code 'Superstition'. I regret there aren't more photos. The winner without a doubt, everyone agreed was Richard, who came as a wishing well, and Rosemary his penny. Harriet was a four leaf clover, louise a Lepricorn, Rob Ryan, Bev and Zara were all black cats and Megan was an upside down broom to ward off unwanted visitors.Felix was a sweater curse- reminding us of the only superstition in knitting, that if you want to knit a jumper for your boyfriend, do not totally finish the second sleeve or your relationship could be doomed.
I was 'Umbrella-Up- In -Doors', an easy thing to be if you purchase two cheap black umbrellas, saw off the handles and attatch them at the shoulders and sides with ribbons. My mum helped me stitch little plastic purls on for rain drops. It wasn't easy getting through the ticket barrier on the tube, and I was scratched to bits at the end of the night, as I'm sure everyone else was. 
My favourite and possibly the most subtle supersticious outfit of the evening was by Jamie Fawkes. Jamie had bird shit on his head, made from a concoction of toothpaste and green body paint. It suited him. It was lucky, but it looked like he didn't know it was there, which was why he wore it so well.