Prick Your Finger is proud to announce a new on-line journal, called
dedicated to makers and wearers of home made sportswear. (http://homemadesportswear.blogspot.com)  
We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your comments. 
We have created this blog to address the problems and possibilities in fashion surrounding the 2012 Olympics. 
We love sport, fashion, our community and doing things for ourselves. We will share tips on how to get things the way we want without being influenced by big sportswear companies who try to seduce us into spending money on things we don't need, which are made badly in appalling conditions.
By 2012, we will be fit and looking good in looks we are comfortable in and proud to say we made ourselves. 
Customizing sportswear events, for International Women's Week, sponsored by Alternative Arts and Tower Hamlets 2012 committee, to be announced shortly.

I am so pleased to have the footballers for our new site.
My Grandmother loved football, and Sheffield United was her team. She hated Sheffield Wednesday, as did the rest of her family. Her mother made her these charming little footballers, two teams, United in red and white, Wednesday in blue and white, plus a ref and two linesman. They were used as a table decoration on special occasions.  My Great Grandmother would have bought the china bodies and the hair and boots were painted on by hand and the clothes hand stitched. We think they were made in 1932.