We are pleased to announce that Kirsty Hall, textile artist from Bristol is heading our way.
Kirsty's exhibition will be at Prick Your Finger for the next month, and her work is all about pins. Kirsty has been collecting pin stories for years and will be listening to our pricked fingered anecdotes over tea and cakes on Saturday 24th January from 3-6pm. You are all welcome.  Here are some stories she has collected already.

Fairy Pin Story

"A middle -aged woman told me a story about a favourite book she'd had as a child.  She couldn't remember anything except this one image:
There was a coat so worn that nothing but the lining remained. It was pinned all over with thousands and thousands of safety pins, so many that the coat was heavy with them. And no one knew how many there were, but when you put on the coat you could hear the fairies singing."

Bent Pin Story

"Pins were dropped into sacred springs by the Celts. The pins were often bent, probably deliberately.  Sacred springs where such pins have been found are usually associated with fertility. Needles and pins have other links to fertility, Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger on a spindle springs to mind.  Occasionally whilst pinning, I find bent or blunt pins - misfits, useless for their purpose - and I think of those other sacred pins."

If you live too far away to take tea with us and you have a  pin story please send them on a postcard to Kirsty Hall, Prick Your Finger, 260 Globe Rd, London E2 0JD
or e-mail